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Teresa James

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How to Avoid Injury in Youth Sports?

Injury in youth sports are considered to be an integral part of any sporting events. There's hardly any sports athlete who hasn't got injured during a sports event. However, every youth coach should understand the importance of keeping young athletes away from injuries.

Best Tips on Throwing a Javelin

To get a step ahead of your javelin training try these javelin tips. These tips will help you fast track your throwing in short order. Here are the best tips on throwing a javelin.

One of the most competitive arenas is considered to be the college recruiting process. Over the years, it has not only developed into an aggressive arena, but also an intricate process. Today, aspiring athletes who wish to get selected by a college athlete recruiting need to have a good plan, accurate information base and the willingness to take a positive approach in carefully executing the recruiting plan.

Wall Paddleball Rules

Wall paddleball is a game that is played between two teams. Now you will ask as to how this game is actually played. In this game, a ball is hit by a paddle against a wall and it is hit in such a way that it creates an exchange or volley between the teams that are plating the game.

Football - The Best NFL Stadiums

Hey I love football a lot. And especially if it is a live experience of watching football, then I just go mad! Out of the 31 NFL football stadiums, I would like to tell you my favorite 5 stadiums.

The Four Biggest Soccer Stadiums

Have you ever seen a match live in stadiums? Yes! Then you must be aware of the amazing experience that one gets after watching a live match, his favorite players and the electrifying ambiance! The fact is that watching a live game in soccer stadiums is really a different feeling than watching it on any other source!

Drugs And Players

If you are an athlete, then you must be aware of the extreme amount of pressure that one has to go through in this field. Right? And that is why it is said that the immense amount of pressure that a particular sport can exercise over a person can become overwhelming and take him or her to do something out of the ordinary so that the person can deal with this immensely high competitive world!

Getting a Know-How of Goalball

Goalball, a paralympic game is a highly competitive sport that is played 3-against-3, on an indoor gym floor by blind and visually impaired athletes.

Things to Remember For Outdoor Hiking

Outdoor hiking is one of the most preferred activities for adventurous people. But, if you're trying outdoor hiking for the first time then there are few things that you need to keep in mind, such as logistical prep, mental and overall fitness level preparation.

How surfing Rose to popularity

Surfing as a sport enjoys a lot of popularity particularly in the US.
Although surfing was a male-dominated sport, adventurous women surfers can be seen all the way back to the times of the Polynesian Queens. Two notable ‘surfer girls’ were Eve Fletcher and Anona Napolean.

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