In the Egyptian time, most greyhounds were mummified and buried along with their masters. The main reason behind this is the fact that most Egyptians believed greyhounds as the supreme among all animals. You'll also find their relevance in the literary works by popular scholars and poets like  Shakespeare, Chaucer and Homer.

In the racing that involves greyhounds, they are kept in the paddock before the race begins. During all the preliminary tests and procedure that takes place they are put in individual compartments called as  traps. These starting box or traps comprises of automated doors. In these races the greyhounds are  made to chase a lure. A mechanical device that moves along the track with a considerable distance from the dog is referred as lure. Generally, in greyhound races the lure used either resembles bone or a rabbit.

Once the race is over the greyhound's are provided with water and an wide area to walk to avoid any dehydration or lethargy. The greyhound that wins this race is called in the winner’s circle. The  National Greyhound Association is the principle organization with the responsibility of registering and identifying greyhounds. It is a non profit organization in North America. Only registered owners can participate in these races who then enters into a contract with the association. In turn the kennel's of these owners get into a contract with the tracks, who then accordingly schedules their races. 

At present, certain states like California and Maine prohibits such races. Another controversy that are associated with these races is the way the greyhounds are handled and trained.

The dogs which lacks the killer instinct to race are either killed or given in laboratories for experimentation. At times these dogs are starved to prepare them for these games.  Hence, the American Greyhound Council  employs  inspectors to check any mistreatment of greyhounds.