The Department of Tourism, Art and Culture in Rajasthan organizes the Camel Festival every year in the month of January. The event also comprises of Folk dances and Music which makes it one of the popular events in the region. It is one of the best time to see the Ship's of the desert (camel) i their best form. Tourists from all across the globe visit this event to be fascinated by this animal. The various unusual camel performances are camel races, camel dances, and camel rides.

Here are some of the activities that takes place during the camel events in Bikaner.

The camel festival is kick started with beautifully decorated camels procession. The event moves on to the open sandy grounds, where the main festivities takes place. On the very first day the Camel Pageant event takes place. In this pageant various camels show off their decorations and jewelery. The other event that takes place in this celebration are fur cutting design, camel milking and the best camel hair cut. The festival also comprises of amazing camel's footwork, where camels display their dancing abilities. The camels decked with colorful bridles, bejeweled necks, and jingling anklets all casts a magic spell on the festivities.

Another other attractions of this festival is the lovely tea and delicious sweets prepared by camel milk. The next day of the festival starts with camel races. The competition is considered to be one of the most tough event in the festival as the best camels vie for the honors.

The events in both the days ends in the evening with a rendezvous with the renowned folk artists of Rajasthan. But the best part of these event apart from camel is the grand final. The camel festival ends with an amazing display of firework which will surely take your breath away. So, if you're in Rajasthan don't forget to visit the festival.