How can you be sure that a person is a genuine horse racing tipster or not? Well, I completely agree that to decide whether a horse racing tipster is genuine is very difficult. For starters, try browsing the tipster's website as it would give you a brief idea about tipster's history and genuineness. If the results provided on the website is complete and detailed then there is a good chance that they are genuine. If the website also consists of forum or message board then try getting in touch with some of the existing members. You can ask them about the tipster's details and then cross check them to see whether they are authentic or not.

A good look around the tipster's website will help you make judgment about his genuineness. If the site consists of few pages or too many pop ups then you may wish to avoid it. But, if the site is rich in content and informative pages then it's probably a trustworthy site.

Try and avoid those website that asks for substantial sums of money to paid up front or the ones that ask you to place bet for them. These methods may prove beneficial for tipster but for you it can lead to losses. The right website is the one that offer a  free trial or a small fee per tip services. This would give you a brief idea about the capability of the tipster and his genuineness. Evade website that offers free horse racing tips as they might deviate you and  end up a costly exercise.

All these steps make seem difficult but the final result would definitely cheer you up. A genuine tipster would increase your profits manifolds. So, take you time and find the service that best suits your requirements. Keep in mind, not to subscribe for any costly websites as you may lose some of your precious money on a worthless website.