Most of the people are not at all clear about the origins of Croquet. Some believe that the game was developed from a French game Pall Mall. But Pall Mall is linked more to golf than Croquet. Al we know about the game is that it traveled from Ireland to England around 1851.

In the beginning, the game was more popular amongst women, as it was a new experience for them to play the game in outdoors along with men. The popularity of the game increased in 1860s, when it was started being played at parties and the parties were named as Croquet parties.

Walter Jones Whitmore, a game lover took up the game of Croquet in the year 1860 and soon realized that there are no as such rules for playing it. So he wrote a series of three articles about the tactics of the game, which got published in 1868. He also discussed about different types of strokes in the game in the publication. All this made him father of modern Croquet.

All England Croquet Club was formed in 1868 with the purpose of having an official body to control the game and make laws. The name of the club was changed to All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis club in 1875 but after first lawn tennis championship was held at Wimbledon, Croquet was deleted from the club title.

However, the game went through a re-growth once again and Croquet was again added to the name of the club. In 1882, twenty five clubs in New York formed a National American Croquet association and the game was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900 Paris games. 6- Wicket and 9-wicket versions of the game were introduced later.

By 1960s, most of the US people started taking the game seriously and Westhampton Mallet club was formed by several players in 1960. Later on, different other clubs like New York Croquet Club, Palm Beach Croquet Club and more came into existence. These clubs have certain code of play, which should be strictly followed by players.