Croquet is a fun game, which is played in different place but the best place to play this game is an open area with neatly cut grass. You can found this typical atmosphere to play Croquet in the backyard, or a park or school. The nine wickets and two stakes in the game can be easily placed at a flat surface and it is easy to see the ball when the grass is cut short. The ball hits the ball more accurately when the ground is flat because there are no obstacles in the course of the ball.

A beginning Croquet player should prefer to play the game in a flat open space, as he needs more practice to hit the ball with correct amount of force. A player can easily figure out the strength required to put into each swing of the mallet when the ground is even. On flat surface, a player is not worried about rocks, stones or hills that might change the direction of the Croquet ball.

Once you master in the art of controlling the ball on flat open surface, you can prefer to play the game at more challenging places. A hilly area or a place with trees makes a challenging location to play the game. As croquet ball rolls faster down hill, you must practice to apply less force when the hitting the ball at such circumstances. You might have to hit the ball more times in an area surrounded by trees.

You can also play the game on professional croquet sets, which is a more professional playing court. Best thing about such set is that it is a one time investment but the fun you get while playing is for countless hours. It is one of the most interesting games, which can be played with friends as well as family members during parties or get-togethers.