One can easily apply various hand positions while bowling. This article would help you  understand some of the basic types of hand position being used in bowling. Hand position can be either vertical or horizontal. Player can combine different hand position to get the desired effect from the ball. The three main vertical hand positions are Cupped, Straight, and Broken. Whereas, vertical hand positions are the primary horizontal wrist positions. Every combination will result in different to the pocket and cause the ball to hook or roll at different spots on the bowling alley. A player can also apply these combination to control the speed of the bowling ball. So, all you need to get started in a bowling game is correct wrist combination. Here are some of the wrist & finger position which you may try them when you play the game.

  • Cupped release – if the wrist is curled and the angle between your fingers and hand is 45 degree then it's termed as cupped release. This position makes the ball roll sooner.
  • Straight release – if your wrist is help straight then it's called straight release. In this release the player isn't given any break either upward or downward. It's a starting position release. One of the most common techniques used by players. The release is considered as a medium wrist position.
  • Broken release – in this release the hand and finger are angeled towards the ground even the wrist is positioned in a broken position. This is mainly applied if you want to delay the break point or get the ball down lane before it hooks. To get the head this release can be used. The release is also considered as an alternative for ball speed or for drier lane conditions.
  • 12 o'clock Release – when the bowl is released and your thumb comes straight up with no turn then it is known as  12 o'clock, or 10 degree. It make the ball end over end roll. To delay the break point it can be applied. Mostly on the dryer lanes this form of release is used.
  • 10:30 Release – the moment you release your bowling ball and your hand turn horizontally with  your thumb pointed at 10:30 then it is referred as 10:30, or 45 degree release. One of the common release forms used by bowlers.
  •  9 o'clock Release – if your hand turns horizontally to the side facing 9 o'clock the moment the boll is released from the hand then it is called a  9 o'clock, or 90 degree release. It makes the ball spin more.
Therefore, apply any of the above mentioned bowling combinations and enjoy the game of bowling.