In the year 1900, the Duckpin bowling was originated in Baltimore, Maryland. The game is believed to be one of the favorite games of Babe Ruth's favorite games, of course! besides baseball. It is strictly a winter sport. As most bowling alley remain closed during summer hence,  players used to practice with small balls. These balls are usually 6 inches in diameter and played in odd numbers. Therefore, pins used in  "back five," were 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pins whereas, in the game of "cocked hat," 1, 7, and 10 pins were used.

During this time the player suggested to lessen the height of the standard pin to match the height of the ball. Earlier, the rules of the games were same as that of 10 pin bowling. However, the rule got modified to allow the use three bowls on each turn. The reason behind such change was that the players found it difficult to strike and spare. Hence, if the bowler is able to knock down all the ten pins with three  balls then scores 10 points.

Mr. Van Sant the manager of the alley where the game was originated was the first person to demonstrate the game to the owner of the alley. McGraw and Robinson who were the owner of the place and also avid duck hunters. When they saw the small pins flying wildly across the alley they remarked it as"flock of flying ducks." Hence, the term  duckpin bowling was formed. The reason why the game is played only in winters because during this time various  winter leagues were organized in the region to play this game. By the year 1920. the game got spread  along the east coast covering New England to Georgia. Though the rules of the game remained same everywhere the balls, pins, and lane sizes weren't standardized.

Over the period the game underwent lot of changes and improvement. By the year 1930 a modified version of the game was formed consisting of rubber band duckpin bowling. In 1946,  the American Rubberband Duckpin Bowling Congress was established as an affiliate by the NDBC (National Duckpin Bowling Congress). It led to various leagues and national tournament. The game still quite popular across the region of Baltimore-Washington.