The fact that sports is one of the most entertaining parts of a person's life, but have you ever realized as to what kind of pressure the sportsmen have to face while dealing with a particular game. Players who work in team, that is in a game like cricket or soccer might have less pressure because at the end of the day, it is the team that has to perform, but have you ever thought of those athletes who have to perform at individual level? For example those who indulge in javalion throw, swimming or something like that?

They have immense pressure on them! This kind of immense pressure that sports can exercise over a person can 6take a very immense form and take him or her to do something out of the ordinary in order to stay competitive, something that he or she would not have ever though in his or her life! There isn't anything wrong in going for extreme training for more hours in a day and more days a week to become stronger, faster, and better. But sometimes, this problem of overpressure can become extremely difficult to handle and that's when drug problems can become an issue, and the fact is that drugs and athletes don't mix. So if you belong to a sports field then let me tell you some useful tips the will let you identify when an athlete friend of yours is using or not.

Naturally you would be able to notice a huge improvement in their performance. Don't surprise yourself if you find that the player has transformed into a machine capable of doing things weren’t possible before. This whole scenario can prove to be extremely tricky as you will find yourself in a happy state of mind because of their great work. The fact is that after taking drugs, they wont perform like a batman or a superman, but they will enable them to practice for even more and more hours and at the end of the day, naturally it will effect their performance only!

Most athletes will tell you that there’s nothing wrong in using drugs in sports if its going to make them better.

The horrible truth is that with the fact that they will get better with time, yet at the same time, they will get bitter as well. Initially you will think that they are extremely happy, naturally the happy mood will definitely reflect in their behavior as well. You will see them all around, you will see them in the field, court, pool, etc… but the bitter fact is that one day a point will come when the drugs won’t have as much effect as they did in the beginning. Then you will find a change in his bahavior, you will find that he will become very angry and bitter because of this and, even worse, can start taking stronger and worse drugs.

You have to take everything in a calm way and advise him in a serious yet calm way!