Here is a list of few basic soccer equipment, that every player needs, along with some tips for selecting the type of the equipment that is right for you:
  • Uniform is the most basic equipment for soccer. Your uniform includes the jersey, shorts, shin guards, stockings and footwear. Regarding the jersey, shorts, and stockings, your team will dictate, but the selection of shin guards and footwear solely depends on you.
  • Regarding shin guards, the material isn't that important as long as it is firm with a little flexibility. Before buying shin guards, make sure they are fitted and they should also have enough space to provide adequate protection. They should be constructed of high quality hard material, and are capable of standing up to the rigors of the game.
  • Regarding footwear, you can choose soccer cleats, since they provide better traction on the grass and prevent slipping and falls. Children can also use good quality athletic shoes with good tread and closed toes.
  • A soccer player must have his own ball. Respective coaches will let the players know the size of the ball which is appropriate. The most important thing that needs to be remember is that players should practice with the same size ball they will be using in games. Ball is the most basic equipment for a soccer player.
  • A goal is also an important equipment for practicing. A practice goal of 6' by 12' is ideal for training.