Here are seven basic tips for a successful marathon:

1. Train at a variety of different paces

The fact is that for a successful marathon experience you should have a diet that should include a variety of different nutrients, and similarly your training needs to include a number of different types of workout, and each kind of workout will be responsible for improving your running in different ways. None is "better for you" than the others: the fact is that you need to do workout and every exercise is beneficial for you!

2. Do a big enough mileage

Running is an honest sport: It means that you get out what you put in. your efforts are what your only judge! You do not want to do endless junk miles but I would recommend that you should go with a well judged increases in mileage that will repay.

3. Lose weight

If you will have a lot of body weight, then how will you run so carrying less body weight makes a big difference. Just two extra digestive biscuits a day adds up to 5kg a year. So you can imagine!

4. Eat better

So if you are are a little over weight and want to get indulged in weight loss exercise than eating better helps your body to adapt to training, improves your immune system, and gives you more energy. Let me tell you that even if you eat one spoon of sugar in your daily diet then the fact is that sugar has no place in an athlete's diet. Even one tablespoon in a day in harmful! Sugar is a highly addictive and dangerous drug, which the athletes are increasingly including in their diet! It is harmful!

5. Eat the right stuff after training

After each workout, your body gets so exhausted and that is why it needs to rebuild and adapt. There is a very eager need that the body needs more glycogen, and you must provide the nutrients to rebuild muscle. It is advised that after doing a workout, you should eat the right stuff immediately so that your body can adapt more and better, and your immune system can remain in a better way to help you during the workout!

6. Taper hard

if only three weeks are left before the marathon, then the fact is that you have very little time left and there is little you can do to improve your running; but still you can do your best. But DON'T OVERDO! A lot of athletes are doing too much running in the weeks before the marathon and the whole process becomes so harmful for them! Make sure that none of your runs would get longer than 10 miles in the last three weeks.

7. Run negative splits (ie run the second half faster)