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Essential Guide to Women’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts
Anastasia Koko
By Anastasia Koko
Published on September 22, 2012
Part 2 of this guide series continues to explain some of the main female style tips to help you look fabulous no matter what your body shape.

Essential Guide to Women’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts

While everyone has their own personal taste relating to the clothes and colours they like to wear, style is about an overall effect in terms of how you put an outfit together and how you wear it. This comes down to knowing yourself, since the type of style that suits one woman might not necessarily look good on another woman’s particular body shape.

The following guide series will give ladies some top style tips to ensure you look effortlessly chic. Especially if you enjoy a trendy modern style, you will also get some help with this by opting to shop at affordable online designer outlets such as Glass Boutique.

Also see Part 1 for a summary of the worst fashion no-no’s and an explanation of matching clothes to your individual body shape.

Style Tip 2 – Understanding Proportion

Here are some key rules to help you balance any outfit:

· Compliment a blouse with a short skirt.

· Wear a slimming jumper with a long skirt.

· To hide hips, wear flared trousers and a classic cut top.

· Curvy hips are balanced nicely with an A-line skirt, not a bias cut.

· If you have slim hips, avoid flared ankles on trousers - instead wear straight cut trousers and skirts.

· High heels are always a great way to add a slimming effect.

Style Tip 3 – Mixing & Matching Styles

It’s always best to pick one style per outfit and stick with it. I’m a great believer in less is more when it comes to looking chic - one or two accessories can be used to beautifully enhance a simple outfit, while choosing to mix strong colours, animal print and retro glamour all at once will make you stand out in all the wrong ways.

Style Tip 4 – Complimenting Personality

If you figure out what types of clothing suit your inherent personality, you will always look effortlessly comfortable and stylish. Here are some ideas:

· Urban chic – High Street fashion that is bold yet simple.

· Rock confidence – here you can accessorise a fair amount and even clash a little, but keep a dash of femininity for a nice counterbalance.

· Sporty – this look works well with layers of trendy casual clothing.

· Arty – it’s easier than many might think to get this style, since all you need to do is pick any contemporary fashion that strikes your fancy and simply add something vintage or eccentric to display your unique personality.

· Romantic – if this is your preference, stick with classic cuts, tailoring and soft colours, as well as lace, embroidery and pearls.

Style Tip 5 – Seasonal Savvy

It’s important to know a few basics to reflect the mood of each season:

· Spring / Summer - wear bronzer and shimmery make up to combat that wintery pasty look, and opt for soft fabrics in fairly bright colours.

· Autumn / Winter – this is the time for matte make up with slightly darker tones, as well as choosing natural colours and natural fabrics such as cotton, knitwear and leather.

Style Tip 6 – Subtle Touches

With a few subtle changes, your style can consistently look fresh instead of boring. For example, you could opt for a scarf as a belt to automatically add extra colour and flair; any outfit can be lifted with some interesting jewellery; and even simply changing your hair parting can make you feel different.

Style Tip 7 – Basic Winners That Can’t Go Wrong

Here are some clothing items that never fail to look good on anyone:

· White blouse – versatile, smart and feminine, every woman should have one in their wardrobe.

· Classic suit – this will look equally stylish at the office or at a formal dinner party when glammed up a little with jewellery.

· Jeans – these iconic items can be dressed up or made ultra-casual. Different cuts suit different body shapes however – if you’re petite and thin choose skinny, stretchy jeans, while if you have a curvy body then go for low waist, low pockets and flared ankles to balance things out.

· Little Black Dress – an absolute must-have, find a cut that compliments your body shape and easily dress it up for an evening out with glittering jewellery.


Women should celebrate their unique shape and size rather than conform to an impossible standard – using the above tips to help you make some savvy clothing choices, you will certainly make the most of your individual beauty. In addition, it always helps to opt for clothing designers that suit your fashion preferences – the good news is that many online retailers such as Glass Boutique ( offer trendy modern clothing at very affordable prices.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is an independent fashion retailer and Glass Boutique fashion enthusiast.