If you love the waves and adventure at the same time then surfing is surely for you! It is that kind of water sports where the surfer is carried along by a breaking wave towards the shore and inside the heart a kind of excitement is felt at every single moment of time! Surfboards are not the only accessory that is used to surf but the fact is that apart from it, body boards, knee boards, surf skis and kayaks can be also used to surf.

The fact is that if you will learn surfing, then you can take part in a lot of sports such as are sea kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing and windsurfing. The first two do not require waves and winds, while the other two does. Surfing has become more of a profession as the industry involves more than multi-billion dollar industry in itself.

But have you ever thought as to what is the origin of this sport? It all began when people used to lie down on hard wood boards and surf in Hawaii. Ya they used to enjoy in the sun and make full use of the waves but now it has turned into a sport!

Lieutenant James King who wrote journals on Captain Cook and completed them after his death was the one who was responsible for setting up a fresh new record! The surfboards were made out of huge and heavy wood, but they were difficult to handle at that period of time! That is why a lot of substitutions were made after that duration and the surfboats were finally substituted by lighter balsa wood surfboards in 1940s and were relatively easy to maneuver by the surfer.

The boards were later made out of polyurethane foam, polyester resin and fiberglass cloth with multiple layers of wooden strips.

The technology factor came in existence in those surfboards and that is why the surfboards that are used in today's world are epoxy or carbon fiber surfboard. I you are surfing in winters or a very cold place, its advisable to wear wetsuits, boots, gloves and hood to protect from cold-water temperatures, that can in a lot of cases can lead to hypothermia. The fact is that to add on to the comfort factor, a lot of varieties are available in the market. They are egg or the long board style short board, fish or short and wide board with a split tail and gun with a long pointed board meant for big waves and others!

But surfing is not that easy. That is why I would like to tell you that there are a lot of dangers that are present in surfing like any other water sport, the major being drowning. That is why it is recommended that the surfer must at all times keep his feet strapped to the surfboard to avoid any mishap during a wipeout.