So you want to be the next Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova? My funda for a perfect tennis experience is to make every stroke a power stroke. The fact is that you need the expert coaching of a professional coach and along with that you need expert tips and rigorous training and repetition is all that needs for a perfect tennis game.

My next recommendation would be that you need a lot of practce because practice, practice and more practice- is what makes tennis a perfect option for you. Tennis is only about that one element after you know what you are supposed to do. So let me tell you a few things that you should keep in mind while playing tennis.

The fact is that there are hard and core rules as to what kind of rules you should follow while practising tennis so I would just like to discuss few tips:

As far as the actual tennis game, we can start off with the grip. Grips play the most important role as they have an immense impact on the types of strokes you develop. But how will you know as to which grip could be the best for you? There are so many types of grips... it could be a forehand grip which would seem like a simple handshake with the racket. That is not so strong!

In order to get this grip you have to technically turn your hand approximately a quarter circle counter-clockwise, I am telling you all this in case you are a righty! And vice versa would work if you are left handed. This grip is highly used to do the service.

Now let us discuss something about the strokes. The most popular of them all is the semi-western stroke where you hold the grip about a quarter turn further clockwise as compared to the above grip. So if you want to go for strength then this is the perfect grip for producing tremendous power and topspin. You can also grip the racket with knuckles pointing towards the ground. According to me, doing this is a very good practice while playing on the clay courts. The practice is not so famous because it inflicts serious restrictions on certain shots like the short and low balls. It is not easy for everyone to handle this!

There should be a perfect compatibility between the coach and a player and that is why you should hire a coach that should correct the flaws, let the player play his game but make sure that the basics are not manipulated. Tell your coach that he should take care of your forehand and the backhand shots!!!