Is something wrong going on in Real Madrid? May be it all happened when Coach Bernd Schuster did not come for a voluntary training exercise recently and above all the number of players who attended the training was just 5, many believe this and many other issues are a reflection of crisis in "The Whites" club.

After getting a massive defeat by a not so good club (Real Irun) which allowed them to have a shameful exit from Kings Cup and falling 1-0 against Real Valladolid on November 15th, Coach Schuster allowed his team to have a forced break of 2 day in order to relax and plan for the clubs next steps.

After that it seems that this word that is known as "crisis" in linked with the club in a major way! There is no secret among the fans and sports media as to what kind of situation is going on in the team and with player's performance. But the fact is that why all this is happening? If is due to the fact that the club has lost interest in the Spanish League? Is the preparation that is going on is average for the squad? Perhaps these and many other issues have taken the elite club in the moment of crisis and that down the hill for a moment.

Now let us consider some of the cost issues. It was when the famous player and icon for all, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to remain in the Manchester United rather than signing the multi-million dollar contract with The Whites; this whole issue was enough to surprise everyone to think that perhaps the economical aspect was not the cause for the transaction to failed, but may be the issue is linked with something else, something that is related to social phenomena. The Real Madrid had a very long wait for Cristiano Ronaldo to change his mind and by the time he rejected the offer, a lot of other contracts with David Villa or Santi Cazorla were already lost.

Now, the club is facing all kinds of issues with Robinho escalated way more than the club expected, and at the end he left., but the position of Robinho is hard to replace!