Soccer is a very famous sport that is getting immensely popular day by day! The popularity of this sport is all because of its explosive nature where your body needs to be running at 100% in so that you can avail the most out of your performance.

Before even you will have a good thinking about running speed workouts you should be able to first craft a warm up plan that will help you in preparing yourself to compete at high speeds and intensities.

I would recommend that you should indulge in planning a soccer practice, and in order to do so you should design a session so that you can see improvement in your skills or tactics in which your team needs to improve. No matter if you are doing a practice at a team level or an individual level, you should have a clear focus and you should have a clear, defined goal of what you want to achieve. In order to do so, you should be geared up with a good idea of your team’s deficiencies. This can be discovered by analyzing the team during scrimmages or games.

With a team that is equipped with 11 players, practice is an essential part of match preparation, because you need to take each and every player side by side! No one should be left behind. In an individual sport, you can gauger how good you are relative to your skills. But as far as a team sport is concerned, such as soccer, you have to gauge your skills relative to the other 10 players around you..

A practice session is geared up with warm sessions that form the most important part of any exercise and that is why they must consist of a series of dynamic and active movements that start with low impact, one must not include high intensity exercises in the beginning but progress naturally to high intensity, full speed exercises that simulate the intensity of the series that is going to be played by players in the later years! In Soccer practice you need to practice certain moves and drills so that no one in the team is left behind and everyone will know their role come game time.

Soccer practice is also useful in helping the team to improve on their deficiencies.

A research says, “During practice, players had three injuries per 1,000 hours of playing time. Meanwhile, they had 35 injuries per 1,000 hours of game time. That means players were 12 times more likely to get hurt during games as compared to practice!”