Show jumping, that is also known as stadium jumping, is an equestrian sport that is geared up with a lot of factors like navigating a course of jumps set up inside a ring, a stadium designed for equestrian events. Above all it also exists as a standalone discipline and in addition to that the sport is can also be a integral part of a lot of combination competitions, such as the modern pentathlon and eventing.

In a show jumping event, what matters the most is the overall stamina, speed, and flexibility of the horse as these factors are tested with perfection, along with the relationship that the horse has with its rider. The compatibility factor between the two plays a very important role. Competition rankings are determined by the number of faults accumulated and the overall speed with which the course is completed.

A fault if occurred in the sport will be counted against the horse and rider team. The fact is that faults can be accumulated in a lot of diverse ways, and it very rarely happens that the course get completed flawlessly. If a horse kicks or knocks down a jump, or does any kind of similar activity, then this is considered a fault. Similarly if he refuses or walks away from a jump it is called as a fault. If a horse destroys a jump, the timer will be halted until the jump can be fixed, and also if the horse refuses too many jumps, both the horse as well as the rider would get disqualified from the show jumping competition.

Now the fact is that a lot of things depend on the overall style of show jumping, and depending on them the course may be made simple or complex. The highest level of show jumping, that is known as Grand Prix, is geared up with a lot of complex and intimidating obstacles that are equipped with a wide spread, meaning that the horse has to jump high and long, and obstacles like hedges and ditches.

Above all, it all depends as to how the overall arrangement of the jumps is done and that is why arrangement plays a very important role in determining the difficulty of the course. Grand Prix show jumping is normally geared up with jumps set at strange angles, and the overall procedure requires that the horse should quick on the feet, or jumps at awkward distances which require the horse to be skilled and adaptable.