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Peter Wieger
Peter Wieger is a profesional golfer and trainer and owner of first global social network for golfers  
By Peter Wieger
Published on February 15, 2011
Golf carts are not only for the golf course any more. These zero emission vehicles are a popular choice in todays world. Able to be plugged in or recharged with solar panels, they are the eco friendly alternative to gasoline. Street legal golf carts are used at airports, large shopping malls, gated communities and other such places.

Electric golf carts are rechargeable at any standard power outlet. No fuel consumption and consequently no fumes make them environmental friendly and popular choice. To be street legal they need to adhere to certain state laws. They must have seat belts for all the seats as well as stop lamps, front and rear lights as well as headlights. The weight should not be more than 2200 pounds and the speed should not exceed 35miles per hour . They must also have a windshield with wiper and rear view mirrors.

Electric golf carts are much cheaper than gas powered golf carts. In addition to saving fuel and conserving the environment, you also save money. What more can ask for?