One of the most popular videos of 2010 was Almost Round 3. This featured an ongoing theme between two professional skateboarders. The different in this video from the previous two was that each person in it had their own team that they brought with them. There are more stunts, tricks, and great skills shown in this video then all of the others in the series.

A second video popular in 2010 was not a recent one, but still at the top of sales lists all over the world. The Search For Animal Chin by Powell / Peralta was made in the 80’s. However, the mystery theme of the movies revolves around a skateboard master going missing, and a quest to find him. Many famous faces that are well recognized are found in this humorous and educational video.

A third video from around ten years ago is yet another classic that will never fall back into nothingness. Birdhouse – The Beginning not only features many very famous faces, but also puts team together full of famous skaters, but also amateur teams. This reached great acclaim due to the fact that it was shot all over the globe, instead of in just a few close proximity areas.

A more recent video that was immensely popular in 2010 was Element ‘This Is My Element’. Not only did this skateboarding video feature more than a dozen famous skaters of all ages and skills, it actually took five years to create. The reason for this is the incredible feats that are found in the video, mixed with the great soundtrack and special features of one of the most popular skaters in the world.

One of the last greatest videos of 2010 is Dying To Live – Zero. This was made in 2002, but is still very popular. Not only is the soundtrack very intense, there are special slow motion parts that show great detail. Many famous skaters are in this video, but the extended footage is more than enough to keep anybody interested.