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Dominate The Competition By Increasing Your Vertical Jump
Kevin Smullin
Kevin is an avid volleyball player, coach, and creator of His site includes many details on volleyball technique, drills, and coaching tools.  
By Kevin Smullin
Published on January 14, 2011
As a volleyball player, increasing your vertical jump is one of the most important conditioning strategies you can use.

How To Improve Your Vertical Jump
One of the most important aspects for volleyball players is to have them improve their vertical jump. Why?

When you can jump higher, you are able to improve your hitting percentage. The reason for this is that you are able to elevate higher than the blockers and you end up creating new hitting angles. Many hitters end up with a lower hitting percentage because they do not have the same hitting angles that they would if they were to jump higher.

Even just a few inches added to their vertical jump would enable them to make plays that they cannot do right now. So, the real question is, how do you improve your vertical?

1. You need to have a consistent time dedicated to working out. Your vertical jump is not going to improve with a workout here and there. You really need to devote at least 3-4 times per week (at a minimum) and spend about 45 minutes per workout.

If you are not devoting at least that amount of time, you are not going to notice any kind of significant improvement.

2. Change up your workouts. Too many times, I see volleyball players reach a plateau because they always do the same workout routine. Their body becomes accustomed to that workout and their body stops developing as a result.

Make sure that you do things that are fresh and new. This would include weights, plyometrics, sprints, jumping rope, squats, etc.

3. You need to find a system that you can use and follow. Instead of spending the time to create your own system, use one that will deliver the desired results. One of the best systems I have seen for volleyball players can be found here:

I have experienced many volleyball players that have improved their game dramatically because of it. I have even seen players that were playing the Libero position become an outside hitter because their jumping ability increased.

The whole point to this article is that your vertical jump will allow you to do things in volleyball that you could not do without it. It is worth it to spend the time training and giving yourself an edge over the competition.