Winters are going on, but what happened to you? You guys are not indulging yourself in any winter activity? Here is a list of some of the finest winter sports:

Snowboarding- I really love Snowboarding a lot and the fact is that it is probably the best known winter activity among those who all want to get indulged into the category of "extreme sports". Snowboarding has come into its own and has quiet a long history to tell. Not only recognized as a skilled pursuit, the game has also joined the ranks of Olympic sports as well. You can imagine how popular it is!

Ice biking- this is one of my personal favorites after snowboarding! As this game is meant for all those who comes in the category of dedicated cyclists and who see opportunity where others see black ice and packed snow. Ya! that means you should have a feeling of adventure in you to handle this sport with an ease and equal confidence. It is just equal to warm weather cycling, and can be done on road or trails. Some modifications may be necessary (studded tires) and a lot of techniques are also different and these factors depend on the riding conditions.

Snowmobiling- Snowmobiling is not as famous as other other two mentioned above and very rarely it can be called as a true action sport. However, as with many other sports, the sport has seen a lot of evolutions as well. These days, snowmobiles are getting famous day by day and being subject to more complicated aerial maneuvers. Just try your hands at it once.

Free skiing- You don't love skiing? What? How can it that be? Anyways, let me talk to those who love skiing in winters! The sport has seen a lot of innovative evolutions as well. The fact is that due to its extreme popularity the fact is that a lot of resorts have included terrain parks with rails, tabletops and funboxes in order to offer its travelers a hell lot of fun!

Snowbiking- I really love this sport and it is somewhat similar to a mountain bike but with ski's instead of wheels.

Ice Climbing- Ice climbing involves using crampons and ice axes and if you love this sport, then I recommend that you should take part in a lot of festivals as such!