- Curing:

The curing and ageing of the hams are no less important that the rearing and butchering of the animals. The front legs or paletas and the rear legs, or jamones are chilled overnight to be firmed and then covered in Andalucian sea salt for approximately one day per kilo of weight. They are then washed and hung to dry allowing the natural flora to form on the surface.

This final part of the curing process lasts between two and three years. It then undergo a one final check form the artisans, who test the hams one more time by inserting a sharpened beef bone and sniffing to check the quality of the cure. After which, they are ready for sale.

- Product overview:

Paleta Iberica Bellota is a rich and gorgeous ham that was taken from the back leg of the acorn-fed Iberian pig. It can be found in top restaurants and exclusive homes throughout Spain. The Trujillo origin is known worldwide for its consistent top quality and delicate, sweet flavor.

- Advantages:

One of the advantages in eating paleta Iberian Bellota is from its unsaturated fats that helps fight cholesterol. The fat fluid and aromatic, rich in unsaturated fatty acids are spread throughout the piece, providing the texture and the arrogant aroma and flavor of this exquisite food.

A whole paleta iberica bellota is also known as a treat for all the senses: delicious to taste and smell, wonderful to see, solid to touch and with a soft swish as you slice off the first layer of fat to reveal the ruby-red flesh beneath.

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