Picnic tables are utility furniture items that can be used for refreshment and meals at outlying areas. These furniture products are made from different materials such as glass, plastic, wood and aluminum. The strength and durability of a picnic table depends on the material used in it. Plastic and fiber tables are light in weight; however these products can easily get scratches. Aluminum and Steel made dining furniture is highly resistant to natural elements such as rain and sunlight and the color of this furniture remains intact for a very long period of time. Wooden tables are no doubt the right utility pieces for indoor as well as outdoor locations. But wooden tables easily get damaged due to exposure to water. Therefore these tables are suitable for dry places such as the dining room of a house.

Picnic Tables are available in numerous choices such as round table, conference table, kids table, garden table, sports table, etc. The size and shape of picnic tables depends on the user categories. A kids table is made with light materials. The size of a kids table is generally 4 inches by 4 inches. This small sized furniture is ideal for a small group of children.

Conference Tables are usually kept at commercial places such as an office or a large restaurant. A conference table is generally used for meeting purpose. The shape of most conference picnic tables is round or elliptical. A conference table can also be used for having a meal, studying or other activities. A standard meeting table can be used by a large group comprising of 10 to 20 persons.

Garden tables are kept at outdoor gardens. These tables come in different dimensions such as 8 inches by 8 inches, 10 inches by 10 inches, etc. A garden table is obviously a nice place for enjoying any function such as birthday party, New Year celebration or wedding function.

You can enjoy with your friends, family members or children on any type of picnic table set. A picnic table set is not only meant for having refreshment and meals such as lunch or breakfast, it can also be used for playing different games such as cards or chess. Kids obviously enjoy playing and eating on picnic tables.

Picnic tables can be purchased from different furniture stores. Now, with the advent of online furniture shops, you can conveniently buy attractive picnic furniture from any location, no matter wherever you are residing. Many furniture wholesalers offer discounts on the furniture prices, on bulk purchase.

Picnic tables are either fixed or portable. Large tables such as conference tables and stone made tables are fixed at a place and cannot be moved. However plastic and fiber made tables can be easily relocated to other places. In present days, many individuals are also using folding picnic tables and chairs. The folding tables and chairs can be easily folded when not in use.

Picnic tables can be also conveniently kept at outdoor playgrounds such as schools, gym club, hotel, etc for use by students, athletes, body builders, swimmers and tourists. Modern playground tables carry different artwork, which certainly adds more attraction to a playground field.

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