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Advantages of using safe material in a Playground Surface
Nicolas Breedlove
This writeup is written by an expert writing for All Rubber Surfaces, a supplier of playground rubber mulch
By Nicolas Breedlove
Published on June 21, 2010
Playing fields made with soft materials like rubber, wood or fiber ensure safety of the users especially kids. Rubber playground mulch is made with recyclided rubber and safest place for kids' playing. Playgorund rubber mulch requires minimum maintenance.

Advantages of using safe material in a Playground Surface
A playing field is a place where people assemble for playing or relaxing. Playing fields are important for young individuals and growing kids. Young students play different types of play like hockey, badminton, football and many more in the playground fields. Playground surfaces are constructed in accordance to varied requirements of the games.

Modern sports such as atheletics events, cricket etc require large land areas. Large playfield surfaces are made with grass, sands, bricks and stones. Playgrounds having cemented surfaces are hard and thus usuitable for small children to play at these grounds. Therefore for preventing the risks of accidents and injuries, kid's playgrounds should be made with soft materials like wood, rubber or small stone chips. Wood playground mulch looks attractive and it is a safe floor for kids 'playing. However the wood mulch is less durable than the stone or plastic mulch. Wooden floors arelargely affected during the rainy and winter seasons.

Another option of constructing of a safe playground surface is rubber mulch. Rubber playground mulch is an ideal place for kids' playing. Rubber mulch is a durable material. It is formed by recycling process. In manufacturing process of rubber mulch, old and usused rubber products such as car tyres, toys, bowls etc are made into small granules and solid materials like iron and fibers are removed. After cleaning the impurities, rubber granules are shredded and devulcanized for retaining the original elasticity and shininess of the rubber. Like wooden mulch, rubber mulch is also affected with climatic changes. During sunlight, rubber made playground surface quickly gets heated and becomes unsuitable for playing or other activities. Using rubber mulch in the playfields restricts the growth of shrubs and unwanted grasses on the field. These surfaces are less risky.

The main advantage of using playground rubber mulch is its long lasting feature. Rubber made playing floor does not decompose or wither like organic mulch like wheat straw mulch. Modern childrens playing fields are constructed with colorful mulches. Colored rubber floor looks quite elegant. Rubber playing floor acts like a cosy beds and children can enjoy playing on that floor. Rubber playfield absorbs rain water quickly and the area becomes ready for use within few minutes after rainfall. This keeps the playground dry and clean.

Rubber playing grounds are also suitable for commercial sports like long jump and boxing. These games involves less stress and strain at fields. Rubber made playgrounds generally exist at residential places like house lawns and gardens. Many public gardens are also developed with cushion type material like rubber for kid's playing. The cost of installation of rubber mulch in the small area like home lawn or backyard portion is very low. Unlike rock or bricks made playground surface, making a playground surface with mulch takes less time.

Wooden, fiber or rubber mulch playfields are ideal for kid's games. Various swing sets like fiber chairs, tables, ball net, swing gliders etc can be conveniently kept at the spongy playfield. Spongy mulches are available in different sizes and shapes. You can buy a playground mulch according to your lawn size and your kid's requirements.

This writeup is written by an expert writing for All Rubber Surfaces, a supplier of playground rubber mulch.