Dave and I just got the photo CD with over 300 pictures - most of them taken by our quad bike guide in West Coast. It was really an unexpected and cherished bonus which reminds us the unforgotten memory full of fun and totally unlike anything I had ever experienced before. And I sincerely recommend this tour to anyone thrill-seekers.

The West Coast has a reputation for its high rainfall. With these lots of water, it has the most amazing quad bike tracks through masses of puddles, mud and thriving rainforest and that is the reason why we choose to spend our holiday there. Dave and I both are relatively experience quad bike riders as we grown up on a farm in NSW. I did some research and collected suggestion from some professional websites, such as quadbikeking.com.au, quad-bikes.com.au and tour.com.au, my e-pals there recommended us to have a try in West Coast. Dave was therefore a bit skeptical about how exciting it would be when we finally decide to have a quad bike journey there and to make it more interesting, we book the most difficult track - Mike's Mighty Mud Track. I should say this is a wise choice and worth 2 thumbs up.

It’s luck for us as the day before we arrived in West Coast, it just had a heavy rain. I believe more wetter more better. We received a warm welcome when reached quad bike center. After a coffee, we picked our quad bike. All quad bikes there are fully automatal and seemed brand new. It was a shame when I saw they were all full of dirt after we back to journey, after all, mud made this journey.

Andrew was our guide who was helpful and knowledgeable. He gave us a brief on the route and emphasized the safety of quad bike riding. I found the quad bike here was a little different from mine, however, after a short practice time, I got used of it and it’s time for getting fun to tackle the best. Andrew led the way for us and always provided some advice. We went all over the place, through water, on rocks, in mud, dirt. Two hours of pure adventure! We had a blast - covered in mud, we splashed, slid, roared our way round the tracks.

It was also a long long ride with beautiful mountain scenery the entire way. I believe quad bike tour in the area that is only allowed to operate on the reserve public land, instead of private land. This makes for a much larger expanse to explore and they are very careful to preserve its natural beauty.

We will definitely come back, cya West Coast.