THE MIAMI Heat is having a relatively great year in the current season of the National Basketball Association.
The strong showing of the Heat in the young season of the NBA could be attributed to the strong performance of its main man NBA superstar guard Dwayne "Flash' Wade.
However, aside from Wade one person responsible for the impressive performance of the Heat is the great effort given by its young power forward Michael Beastley.
Beastley who had a tough year the past NBA season after getting involved in illegal drugs is making waves this season for his team.
The former star of Kansas City State is averaging a respectable 15.5 points and 7.0 rebounds this year as starter for the Heat.
What is remarkable with his average is the fact that Beastley is now competing hard against big-named players in the premier basketball league in the planet and is showing great maturity during crucial moments of the game.
The 20-year-old young NBA star had been criticised in the past for playing soft and not showing his true potential as the former second draft pick in the NBA.
But now Beastley is playing consistently that he is now getting accolades from other NBA coaches like Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy, who previously coach the Heat.
Van Gundy said he is impressed with the vast improvement of Beastley who can now compete in both offence and defence in the NBA.
The maturity of Beastley had been attributed to his drug rehabilitation in summer and his two children borne from separate mothers.
Beastley said his two children made him realized that he need to change his ways and saved his earnings for his two angels.
The young NBA star said he is now more focused to play harder for his team and family.
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