Although it seems like a thousand years from now, the Winter Olympic games of 2018 are not so far away. And an event such as this needs a huge preparation process to be started real soon.
That’s why the deadline for applications from cities that would like to host this memorable event ended a few days ago.
The three countries whose applications have been received are France, Germany and South Korea. Now the difficult evaluation process begins – up to July 2011 the three candidates will be competing for the jury’s approval. The final decision is yet to be made. But many people predict that South Korea’s Pyeongchang has to work really hard to make its dream happen since the failure of its bids for 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games.
Next year’s Winter Olympic Games will be held in Vancouver in February (the Winter Olympics) and March (the Paralympic Winter Games) and now Canada is preparing for the big event and the huge amount of people that will have to be accommodated and entertained.
The medals for the event to be held in February have already been completed. It was unveiled that they are made with trace amounts of gold, silver and copper reclaimed from discarded electronics. The percentage of recovered metal was small but still organizers boast this is the first time such a practice is being held. Corrine Hunt, the aboriginal artist, who designed the medals, said she tried to depict famous symbols like the Orca whale and the raven in her pieces of art.
The special shaped medals depict the sea and mountain landscape iconic of Vancouver and nearby Whistler. Vancouver will host the ice sports, snowboarding and freestyle skiing, while the Alpine skiing and other sliding and Nordic events will be held at the Whistler resort town.
The whole world awaits the incredible shows that Canada is about to host in a few months so let us all prepare for our favorite sport.
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