The Market of softball bats is flooded with competition. Brands you have never heard off are popping by the second claiming that their bats deliver the best pop and durability for the cheapest price.

Anyone who applies logic would understand that a cheap softball bat would have a low quality design to start with. The quality of the material used in composite bats would determine the durability of the bat. Cheap bat manufacturers cannot afford to use quality material in the bats.

Why You Should Buy From the Top Brands

Buying cheap baseball bats is a loss rather than an investment. Your not only end up under-performing in your games but also lose out on the bat before the season ends. Cheap bats just don’t last long enough and even if they do it’s a given that they are as good as dead.

Buying from the top quality brands ensure that your get value for your money. Even if you end up paying more for the bat it is well worth the money. It’s not a loss of investment because you get what you pay for. The quality is assured.

What are the Top Brands Your Should Shop from

The well known names in the softball bat making industry are the ones below

• COMbat
• Easton
• DeMarini
• Worth
• Louisville Slugger
• Miken
• Rawlings

These guys know what they are doing and they expend a lot of money on research. The acoustics of the bat is all about physics. Understanding the behavior of bat hitting the ball is a huge field of research undertaken by several physic researchers. These brands sponsor several such researches to bring you the best quality bats.

Big Brands Invest a Lot In Research

The result of improving the design of the bat is that you get better results for lesser power. You don’t have to time each ball to perfection because these bats have a larger area of sweet spot which ensures that you middle the ball most of the time. When you hit from the sweet spot the ball will travel so it makes sense to buy bats with a larger sweet spot.

The trampoline effect generated by the hollowness in the bat is the reason why composite material bats are selling huge. The above mentioned brands are the market leaders in research and they bring the best bats out every season with the help of break through research.

Buy Online To Get The Best Quality

Your can buy the best quality softball bats at various popular online stores. Some great stores worth checking out are,, and to name a few. You can always check out the bat in person from a local store near your house but make the buy online. Get online and get shopping for best quality softball bats.

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Article by Jeff Waters