Planning to buy a baseball bat? Then this article will give you information about the coolest bat models and how to get them at a cheaper price.

Top Baseball Bat Models:

A lot of models were launched this year but not all were up to the mark. Some were really impressive like the DeMarini CF3. Given below are some of the coolest models worth checking out:

1.) DeMarini CF3
2.) Nike Aero Fuse
3.) Easton Stealth IMX Composite
4.) Nike CX2 Composite Baseball Bat
5.) Easton Synergy IMX Composite
6.) Louisville Slugger Exogrid
7.) Easton BST9 Stealth CNT
8.) Louisville Slugger Triton
9.) DeMarini Vexxum 09
10.) Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Composite
11.) Mattingly Baseball Beast
12.) Easton V12

Where to Shop?

The best place to shop for a baseball bat, be it a newer model or a old model will be through the internet. You can always go and check out the bats in person from your local sports store but make sure to order the bat online. There are many benefits to this. Firstly you will be able to compare shop for the bat. The internet offers you a choice of websites that allow you to compare shop for bats. In addition to that you can also read user reviews. Now these are reviews written by actual people who have used the bat. In other words, unbiased opinions from people who have had first hand experience of the bat. Reading these reviews will allow you to make informed decisions.

So your first job would be to pay a visit to the local sports store to check out the bat models. This is important as getting the feel of the bat will help you find out if or not the bat is right for you. This will also allow you to decide what length and width of the bat you will be most comfortable playing with. Once you have made this decision, take a note of the bat or bats that you plan on buying and research them on the internet. Find their best rates and read what other people are saying about them. If the reviews are positive and the price is right, it’s time to make the buy.

Closeout Stores

There are many closeout stores on the internet that offer new models at discount rates in addition to offering older models. One of my personal favorites is These guys offer big time discounts of more than 50% on some products. In addition to this there are numerous closeout stores out there that you can find by performing a simple search using Google.

Discount Coupons:

There are loads of sites on the internet that give information about discount coupons that you can use while buying your bat to avail great discounts. For example; These sites do the hard work of getting information about discount coupons offered by different stores so you can get great discounts. So make sure to check them out before making the buy.

Good luck and play hard!

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Article by Glenn Baker