George Gershwin transformed the public opinion on a particular style of music, which was named as early jazz. It received a broad new audience and now the music can be found in high brow music collections. Just like Pre Gershwin jazz, Croquet also kept some unruly company in early days. The Croquet in 1890s gathered gambling, licentious crowd and drinking, which tainted its image as a public sport.

The Croquet played in US started as a watered down version of the British Commonwealth 6-wicket Croquet, and this posh sport is still played on neatly cut greens that are similar to those found on the golf courses. We use heavier wooden mallets and balls in playing this game in order to get more accuracy. Garden Croquet is popular in US, since the time it was introduced hundred years ago. US players considered it as a light hearted game and thus failed in maintaining the high status of English 6-wicket.

It was in late 1970s, US captured the original essence of the game and it emerged as a refined sport in 1977. The Osborn's US Croquet Association include 10,000 players, who play the game across US and Canada in more than 600 well groomed lawns. The Croquet garden game is still enjoyed by large number of people in US, now there are rooms for players who are more passionate about the competitive type of Croquet.

Both the versions of the game can be played by people. The milder Croquet is ideal to be played at family reunions, birthday parties and other get-together, while the classy 6 wicket Croquet is still played in clubs with membership fees. There are well documented rules for both the games, which makes it easy for beginners to learn the game. You can learn the game in less than 30minutes. The domestic and international rules are slightly different and apply to club and tournaments only.