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How to get your cricket bat to perform better
Ray Peters
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By Ray Peters
Published on April 18, 2009
Here are some useful pointers to keep in mind while buying your first cricket bat

How to get your cricket bat to perform better
The bats will not perform if you swing wildly, but if you are a good batsmen you can benefit from a bat that promises performance.

Dennis Lillee in his days was known to play with an aluminum bat. The opposition team complained against it since it was damaging the ball badly. ICC norms were made more strident after that to ensure standardization among the bats used in cricket.

What you need to know about willows

Cricket bats have been made out of English willow and the trend is still continuing. The reasons for choosing this willow are as below

a.) The wood is tough
b.) The wood is shock-resistant
c.) There is no splintering on contact with a high speed ball
d.) The willow is light and suited for high bat speed

The willow is usually treated with linseed oid during the manufacturing process in order to increase the surface friction of the wood and have a protective coating on top.

How to knock in a bat and give it longer life

It is important to knock in a new bat before it is taken to the field. The reasons why you should take care of knocking in the bat are

a.) Knocking in helps make the willow fiber more compact
b.) Protects the bat from snapping which playing
c.) Helps the bat become more controllable
d.) A knocked in bat has more power

Ricky ponting’s super bat

Ricky ponting was the first batsman to start using Kookaburra bats in international cricket. He had quite a lot of success with it. There was a particular kind of bat which he was using which had carbon composite as the back meat portion. This allowed the bat to be lighter while adding tremendous power to the strokes.

ICC intervened and had the bat taken out of professional cricket. Kookaburra had it bats modified as per the norms.

What kind of bat should you buy

The following factors should be taken into consideration while buying a cricket bat

a.) The bat should be sufficiently light so that you have control
b.) The bat should have a thick meat on its back which helps power
c.) The bat should have a good coating of linseed oil
d.) There should be no cracks around the area where the handle joins the barrel

Following the above guidelines would ensure that you buy a bat which works for you. If you end up buying a heavier bat it could affect your timing. If you end up buying a lighter bat that it could affect the power behind the shot. So make sure you get the balance just right.

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