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Are Under Armour Gloves A Good Choice?
Ray Peters
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By Ray Peters
Published on March 17, 2009
Is it a good choice to buy under armour gloves? Here’s my point of view about these gloves

Are Under Armour Gloves A Good Choice?
A lot is being talked about the new kid on the block, the under armor range of sports gear. Under armor seeks to provide new age sporting equipment which add comfort and enhance the performance of the sports person wearing it. It’s basically a fabric which works with the body. This apparel industry was founded in 1996 by a foot ball player Kevin Plank with the intention of building a fabric which works as hard as the athletes to give them a value add in their performance. You have a wide variety of under armor gear to choose from today. The various categories in which they sell are Cold gear under armor, Heat gear under around and general wear. Let us focus our discussion to under armor baseball gloves and determine if they do what they claim to.

Taking Care of Sweaty Palms

Try them on and you know that its quality. The feeling is quite unique especially the compression which you feel against your skin. Under Armor basically is a compression range of fabric and it sticks to your skin with a purpose. The basic purpose under lying the fabric’s compression behavior is to wick the sweat off your skin keeping you fresh which you play. No more sweaty jerseys. The fabric is designed for quick soak and it performs its job to the cent. How it helps you with your batting is that you end up feeling the same friction from start to the end. There is no feeling of slippery palms. You don’t need to change you gloves in the middle of the play owing to the sweaty slippery feeling which enter after a same period of play. Under Armor keeps you sweat free through out the game. The friction effect is just amazing, you need to try it to believe it.

Superior Grip and Control

Thanks to quality leather used on the palm you end up with superior grip and high control over your bat. Most of these glove have seamless embossed pittard leather worked in on the palms. The grip you get out of this is just awesome. Add to it the fact that your palms are never going to get sweaty thanks to the foam layer built into the inner lining, and you have a lethal combination. Under Armor delivers quality when it comes to grip and control, two factors which are really important to any hitter.

Contoured Wrist Closure

You might find this in good quality baseball gloves and its present in under armor by default. The fabric used on the wrist closure gives you a compression effect and which prohibits muscle strain. Imagine a fabric which takes care of ensuring that your muscles do not face undue stress.

Heat Gear Fabric

This is the form of under armor fabric used in baseball gloves. It works to keep your hands cool, in spite of the heat of the situation. It accomplishes this through its temperature regulating feature along with the property of wicking sweat off the skin.


I will have to agree that Under Armor delivers what it claim. The fabric does not just sit on your body but it works with you. Now there’s a great ally to have.

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A great fan of under armor, I think this fabric is going to head a long way. You can purchase a range of under armor gear at Feel free to reprint this article as long as the links are maintained active.