Baseball is a sport which requires the perfection of body mechanics. A baseball player who is in control of his mechanics dramatically increases the consistently of his performance. Practice is of course the most critical aspect, in baseball, to retaining control over your pitching or hitting mechanics. You can tune your body to perform the way it should through practice, but equally important is to train the mind. The difference between quality and average lies in the mind of the player. A baseball player with a strong mind dramatically increments his chances of performing to the peak of his potential. Here are a few tips to working the mind for better performance when it matters, on the field.

Tip1: Practice Silencing the Mind: This technique is a brainchild of zen. The mindless state. When the mind is still your focus on the present mind increases by hundred folds. A noisy mind is the biggest distraction to performance. It is easy said than done though, to silence the mind is not an easy task. Samurai’s were known to silence their mind before they went to war to ensure that they were immune to the distractions of emotional interference. Meditation was their method of silencing the mind. In the modern age of coaching mediation is not a alien from warm-ups. In baseball players are taught to meditate to still their mind even before starting their physical warm-ups.

Tip2: Practice Visualization: Before the actual act should come the imagination of what you want the end result to be. This gives focus and clarity of purpose. In your own mind you might be sure of which pitching lane you want to concentrate on but unless you visualize the process of actually pitching the ball through the angle to go through the pitching lane, it may not succeed. Golfers like Tiger woods are known to visualize the entire shot to the end before going for the putt. Its like playing a picture in your mind about the entire sequence of events. This gives focus to your mind. A calm mind will develop a sense of purpose and execute it to perfection. Many baseball players practice this technique of visualization before taking their pitching or hitting stance.

Tip3: The Art Of Concentration: Silencing the mind is one part of enhancing your concentration the second part is to be aware of your body. When you are playing unconsciously you tend to repeat mistakes of the past. Your mind even if its still would work on subconscious control. When you become aware of your body and the immediate surroundings you create a sense of stillness and awareness at the same time. From the awareness comes the instinct to act. Have you ever seen baseball players who are in the zone, you can feel a force of awareness radiating through them. Baseball is as much a mind game as a physical game.

Tip4: Going For the Kill: Your mind should not be meek before entering the field. There should not be a feeling of dullness or lack of purpose. The sense of a hunter going for the hunt should be the vital feeling present inside your body. Baseball like any other sport is a test of character. There is no space for weakness. With such a mindset you will never succumb to pressure and no amount of distraction from the opposition will ever faze your.

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