To have the ability to hit a draw at will, will help you to become a better golfer and add a very important shot to your arsenal of strokes.

The whole idea of hitting a draw is to be able to control the flight of the ball through the air from right to left for a right-hander and visa versa for a left-hander. This is a great shot to use if you need the ball to avoid certain obstacles. So if the hole doglegs from right to left and you want to hit the ball around the corner then a draw is the perfect shot to hit.

"So how do I go about hitting a draw?" you ask. Well if you follow these steps it is actually quite simple.

1) Place the head of the club behind the ball and aim the club face directly at your target.

2) Align your feet in the initial direction you want the ball to travel immediately after the club has made contact with the ball. In other words align your feet aiming to the right of the target. Remember that the club face should still be aiming directly towards the target.

Now we come to the two most important steps.

3) Start your backswing normally as if you weren't intending to draw the ball, so your backswing should follow the line of your feet.

4) Swing through the ball normally, but at the point of contact you must roll your right hand over your left hand. This will help you to release the club head through the ball. All that is left is to complete your follow-through with a well balanced finish.

There are two contributing factors that result from executing the above steps correctly to get the ball to have sidespin. One factor is the difference between the angle of your body at set-up and the angle of the club face behind the ball. The other factor is the rolling movement of your hands at impact together with the angle of approach. They both give the ball the required sidespin to have it move through the air from left to right.

So I recommend going to the driving range and trying out the above. Just be forewarned. It takes a lot of practice to roll your hands correctly through impact, so don't lose hope if you don't succeed immediately. Keep trying. It all comes down to muscle memory and timing, which is crucial if you are going to be successful with this stroke.