There are certain fundamentals to your setup routine that should always be in place if you want to be accurate off the tee. One of the most important tips to remember about driving the ball is that it is much better to be accurate than it is to hit the ball 300 yards. If you can do both well then good for you, but if you can't then I recommend sacrificing a bit of distance for accuracy and you will see a significant change for the better in your scores.

To be more accurate I recommend that you do the following:

1) The ball should be placed on the inside of your left heel and your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulder width. This will give you a more stable base and help you to generate more power if needed.

2) Your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should all be positioned parallel to the target line to ensure that if all goes as planned the ball will go in the right direction.

3) Place the club behind the ball and ensure that it is parallel to the area of the fairway in which you intend the ball to land.

4) Get your body in a comfortable position by bending slightly at the knees and waist.

5) Your weight should be slightly on the front foot and your hands should be positioned slightly in front of the ball.

If all the above steps are adhered to, all that is left is to hit the ball in the intended direction.

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