As we all know, putting is very important when playing golf and the aim of all golfers is to hit as few putts as possible. Here is a simple tip that will drastically improve your putting.

One of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make when putting is moving their heads during the putting stroke. This occurs because most golfers want to see the result of the putt and the path the ball is taking before completing the putting stroke. This occurs especially on short putts, where there is a tendency of golfers to take an anxious peek and establish whether the ball is going into the hole.

There are a couple of things that happen when you move your head during the putting stroke.

1) You don't complete the follow through, giving you a putting stroke that is short and stabs at the ball resulting in inconsistencies in length. It also reduces the purity of the stroke.

2) When you move your head before the ball is struck your shoulders move out of position, causing the putter to leave the intended path of the stroke, leading to a crooked stroke and a missed putt.

The above results are results that none of us want and can do serious damage to our confidence which is especially important when putting.

To cure this problem you have to do the following.

For long putts, look at the ball during the entire backswing until contact while the ball is stationary and keep your eyes on that stationary position even after the ball has been struck. Count to at least two after striking the ball before lifting your eyes to ensure that you complete your follow through.

For short putts, keep your eye on the stationary position of the ball until you can hear the ball drop in the cup after impact.

This should ensure that you keep your head still during the putting stroke, will greatly increase your confidence and the consistency of your putts.

Hope this helps.

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