Bowling is one such sport that has to offer something for everyone. For some, it is way to spend time and play together and for teenagers, the bowling is an another way to trolling the mall. There are also some youth and adults, who think bowling leagues are an organized pastime. It encourages teamwork and at the same time it helps adept one's individual skills. While at the other end of the spectrum, professional bowling is a sport that rivals golf in its intensity.

Almost everyone knows the basics of bowling. To knock down the bowling pins with a bowling ball is the basic objective of this game, and each game has ten frames. The player also has ten pins to knock down in each frame. If the player knocks down all ten pins on his very first try, then it is called a strike, and this is when the player's turn ends. However, if the player doesn't knock down all ten pins, he does get another chance to knock down the remaining pins. When the player knocks down the remaining pins on his second try, then it is called a spare. If the player doesn't do that, he gets credit for the pins he knocked down in the frame, and then comes the the next player's turn.

A strike is being count as 10 plus the cumulative total of the pins knocked down with next two balls rolled. And a spare counts as 10 plus the total of the pins knocked down with the next ball rolled. An open frame, where you don't knock down all of the pins, is counted as the total number of pins you do knock down.

As a beginner, you don't need to use any equipment for playing bowling. Most of the local bowling centers have racks of bowling balls that you can use. You can also rent bowling shoes from the center. But, if you want to bowl regularly, you'll need  to buy a bowling ball and your own bowling shoes. When you buy a bowling ball, your game will be evaluated and your hand will be measured so that the holes in your ball are drilled for your specific needs. But, the thing is that having your own bowling ball will help you hone your skill on this particular game. And regarding bowling shoes, you can invest your own money on buying a pair of shoes. And after buying your own bowling ball and shoes, you'll also need a bowling bag to carry them in. All these accessories can be found at your local bowling center or pro shop.