Ball position is one of the fundamental aspects of iron play. Placing the ball in the incorrect position can have severe consequences on the outcome of your shots and therefore this is a very important aspect when addressing the ball that you have to get right.

Now the basic rule for ball positioning in your iron play is that the shorter clubs should be played from the center of your stance and the longer clubs further forward in your stance. So if you have a shot that requires a pitching or sand wedge, the ball should be placed in the center of your stance and a lot closer to your body than it would be if you were hitting a three iron.

For a five iron, the ball should be placed one ball's width in front of center and further away from your body than for a wedge.

Consequently for a three iron the ball should be placed just inside your left heel. Now the reason for the different ball positions is too change the angle of approach of the club head to the ball so that the optimum angle is utilised when hitting the ball.

Therefore when hitting the ball with a wedge the center position of the ball forces you to have a steep angle of approach on the ball. This helps the ball get up faster and higher in the air and imparts more backspin on the ball.

With the ball position on the inside of your left heel with the longer irons your swing path will be more shallow helping you to hit the ball further and straighter. This is one of the keys to solid iron play. I hope this helps.

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