The backswing gets your body in the correct position to complete the downswing and your follow through. So one small tip to improve your backswing is give yourself enough time and not to rush it.
Don't be in a great hurry to get to the top of your backswing and start your downswing. Just keep your rhythm and tempo nice and smooth. This will help you to make a good shoulder turn and fully complete your backswing.

The perfect position to be in just before starting your downswing is to turn your back on the target with your club parallel to the ground and pointing at the target.

A very important part of swinging the club is the correct shifting of weight through the swing. If this is done right you will see a drastic improvement in the timing of your strokes. If done incorrectly you will lose a lot of power. The thing you should remember is to let your weight move in the same direction as the club head when swinging the club. By doing this you will synchronize your body movement with the swinging club and use your body weight to put more power and momentum behind the ball.

Now for the downswing and follow through. The best way to complete your swing is to sweep through and hold your finish. This is done by rotating your body through the ball and completing the swing with a well balanced finish. A very important principal is to keep your head down until your right shoulder comes through the swing and raises it naturally.

Using the sweep through and hold your finish principal you will learn to keep your balance and momentum through the swing and keep your swing tempo smooth promoting a solid strike.

I hope this helps.

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