Injury in youth sports are considered to be an integral part of any sporting events. There's hardly any sports athlete who hasn't got injured during a sports event. However, every youth coach should understand the importance of keeping young athletes away from injuries. During the growing age, kids are more susceptible to injury. Therefore, it is the responsibility of youth coach to prevent these injuries to an extent.

These are some tips that will help avoid youth sports injury.
  1. Stretching – Every coach is aware of the requirements of their sport. So, the areas that will be affected in the flow of the game should be stretched accordingly.
  2. Good warm-up – Just like stretching a good warm up is equally important. For example, a short run will help in raising the athletes core temperature as well as prepare their body for physical activity.
  3. Pain free game – No coach should encourage their players to play when they are injured or in pain. Only a player who is mentally and physically healthy will be able to play the game well.
  4. Swelling or limited motion – Coach should not ignore any swelling signs. It might be possible that the young athlete ignore such signs but as a coach it is your responsibility to take precautionary actions in this area.
  5. Rest – Studies indicate that players who have been injured during a game feels better after resting for a while. At times, pushing the child too hard can also result in some injuries.
  6. Medical aid – Make sure to keep ice and first aid kit during all practices and games. As, you may not know when you need them.
Every youth coach should follow these tips to prevent injury in youth sports.