Have you just started to play the game of squash? Then, you will require a few things to play the game. Some of the basic squash equipment are ball, gloves, protective goggles, right shoes and more. However, one of the basic equipment used in the game is the squash racket. Many squash experts suggest that replacing squash racquet at time help in improving the game.

Right Type

It is important to understand that there's no one perfect racquet for everyone. One should always buy a squash racket depending on a couple of factors, such as your gender and level of experience in the game. Squash racket are basically of two types like heavy rackets and lightweight rackets. The later ones are considered to be more expensive than the heavier ones. The main reason behind this is the material used to make the racquet light in weight.

Light rackets are considered to be best suited for beginner because they are harder to control, which helps in gaining experience in maneuvering your hand to hit the ball. Heavier rackets are better for women and junior players as the extra weight can add to the force.

Grip Factor

Tone of the areas where players can vary their preference is the grip of the squash racket. Before, you buy a squash racket make sure that it's comfortable in your hand, fitting snugly to make the most powerful shot. In case, you're unable to find the perfect one, don't worry. Just get them customized.

Therefore, instead of solely believing the store sales man which racquet will best for you, because only you can find that out.