In past few years, the game of squash has increased in popularity. Here are some of the reasons which has resulted in this increase:

Easy – One of the basic reasons why people get attracted towards to this game is because it is very easy to start. All you need to have is a pair of rackets and a ball. Armed with basic skills and 2 people are who are willing to play the game can begin this game. The players are required to return the ball by hitting the volley. The ball can can bounce only once if it bounces twice the players loses the rally.

Competition – Once you've learned all the rules of the game – the real competition begins. Just like any other sports game the main aim of this game is to earn more points. The game of squash usually lasts for about 45 minutes. At times, player win the game by just one point. It is a fiercely competitive. It also have certain secret tricks which can be learnt through experience and practice.

Healthy – Another advantage that squash offers is the healthy prospective. It helps players remain active and fit. The game also allow players to train their joints, and make them more sturdier and more flexible.

In simple words, the game is one of the loved sports, which is played by many people throughout the world.