Single Squash is played between two players. The game requires a racket, a ball and a court to play. In this game, only the server earns points. On winning a rally the server is awarded by a point whereas the receiver on winning a rally act as the server.

Every game of Squash must consist of the best of 3-5 games based on the decision of the organizers. A player is declared the winner of the game on scoring nine points. However, if a player is able to reach 8-all score for the first time, the receiver has the option on whether or not to continue the game.

Before players start playing they are allowed five minutes to warm up together onto the court. The referee shall call "half time" after 21/2 minutes of the warm up for players to change their sides. With the call of "Time" the referee shall call advice the players that the half time is over.

During the warm-up period, both the players should receive equal opportunities to strike the ball. A player who retains the ball for an unreasonable time is considered as warming up unfairly. At the discretion of the referee players may warm up the ball up to playing condition during any interval.

The ball ceases to be in play until the players fails to deliver a good return. Accordingly, a player may appeal to the marker or Referee who makes a call.

There are three ways a player can win a rally:
  • The opponent fails to hit a good service.
  • The opponent fails to deliver a good return , and the Referee agrees to award a stroke to the opponent.
  • If the ball touches the opponent without any interference, especially if the opponent is the non-striker.
  • The referee awards a stroke to the player according to the rules of the game.

Therefore, the game of squash is very competitive. Just keep these points in mind while playing the game.