Have you ever tried surfing, and simply loved it? Then, you'll also enjoy surfing for two-three hours at a stretch. Although, for a novice surfer to surf for so long time will take a lot of time to learn surfing, but under the guidance of an expert surf instructor, he will be able to develop really cool surfing skills. If you're interested in developing these skills, then you can take help of some helpful resources for surfing. Most of these resources provide basic information about this adventurous sport.

One of the most important gears used in this sport is the surfboard. To keep a hold on your board make sure to wax polish the board regularly. To clean the wax exterior try using a wax comb. There are basically two forms of fins used during surfing such as detachable or fixed. In addition, to these equipments there are nose protector and Board bags also available for surfing.

Instead of learning this sports on your own it's is better to learn the skills of surfing from a well-trained instructor. Since, only a qualified instructor will be able to inform you about various facts about the ocean including risks. He will also teach you about the basic rules of surfing.

One of the most important rules in surfing is not to surf on your own and without any help. Avoid surfing right after eating or drinking alcohol. Make sure not to surf near or close in front of rocks, as it's too dangerous.

You'll find many helpful resources for surfing including books, magazines, organizations and websites – the list is endless. Moreover, there are different surfing schools which offer training and coaching on surfing. One of the main benefits that a surf school offer is the taste of surfing without spending any money for buying your own wetsuit and surfboard. Hence, you should always learn surfing first before you try it. A single course on surfing can help you learn standing up and surfing.