To get a step ahead of your javelin training try these javelin tips. These tips will help you fast track your throwing in short order. Here are the best tips on throwing a javelin.
  1. Relax Your Arm: To reach a at the end of the 100 meter dash quickly make sure you relax your javelin throwing arm. This relaxation will help you move faster. Just loosen your arm by taking all the tension out of it. This step will ensure an extra ½ meter to 1 ½ meters to your javelin throw. It is one of the secret tips that most top spinsters apply.
  2. Focus on Your Standstill Ability: One of the extremely important thing in a javelin throw is the amount of distance you can generate from a standstill javelin throw. Just improve on the distance you can throw from a standstill position, which will help you add distance to your javelin throws. Try practicing this step for at least 10-15 minutes after you've warmed up – see the difference.
  3. Weight Watch: make sure to avoid weight training that focus on excessive "bulk building style." Such training will only slower muscle movement. It is important to understand that it is a velocity-based sport and not a force-based sport. In short, your arm should move quickly instead of how much weight it can move.
  4. Don't Lean Back: It is important not to lean back during a javelin throw. Throwers only need to move their hips and lower body forward, which gives the illusion that they're leaning back. Therefore, make sure you're not doing the same mistake of leaning your body while throwing a javelin.
  5. Core Engage: You must heard this term at least 100 times and I'll repeat it again since, it's so important. It is important that you draw your stomach in to make your abdominal muscles firing during your javelin throw. This step helps in generating the required power to add major distance in a very short period of time.