Have you ever tried to high jump? But, aren't sure on how to begin? In that case, learning the basic of the game is one of the best ways to start. High jump for beginners can be divided into three different phases.

The Approach Phase

In this phase the players are required to develop the speed and momentum. These are the two basic elements required to successfully takeoff and clear the bar. Today, the approach used is known as a modified "J." Under this approach the player is supposed to run in the shape of a "J."

The Takeoff

To begin with high jump you need to run straight ahead. The moment you reach near the end of the close bar your body have to be turned into the curved section of the run. Now, you need to run the curve. Take every step over each other to progress quickly until you reach the next phase of the event.

In this phase you body position need to be good for the takeoff are used. The statement means that before you jump, your body needs to have a backward lean as well as an inward lean. To takeoff in the proper position you need to position in this way.

Before you launch yourself it is important your arms come back behind you. Just before the final jump, the arms are supposed to swung forward and up. This technique will help you lift yourself off of the ground.

The use of non-takeoff leg, or free leg is another element that you should be aware of. The same way you lift your arms you need to lift your legs too. You need to follow these instructions in the proper manner to perform correctly, chances are, you will foul.

The Flight Phase

It is considered to be the final phase in the high jump for beginners. This phase helps in increasing your chances of clearing the bar. If you adopt a good approach and perform them correctly, then it will be very easy for you to have a good clearance. To make the high jump more effective make sure your head and shoulders, the hips, and the legs and feet, are used properly.

Once you've learnt and applied these approach, enjoy the ride down, and land softly on the upper part of your back. Have a nice time with the high jump!