One of the most competitive arenas is considered to be the college recruiting process. Over the years, it has not only developed into an aggressive arena, but also an intricate process. Today, aspiring athletes who wish to get selected by a college athlete recruiting need to have a good plan, accurate information base and the willingness to take a positive approach in carefully executing the recruiting plan.

One of the crucial elements in this process is the development of a personal recruiting inventory. Here are some of the best ways to develop a personal inventory based on information in the following areas:

Educational Goals: Every athlete who wants to get selected by a college athlete recruiting must set certain goals. These goals will not only help them remain motivated but also give meaning to any worthy effort. Besides, the academic experience should be given the top of the priority list when it comes to the college quest.

These goals should be determined on the athletics’ strengths and areas of individual passion that will provide transparency to future possibilities.

Athletic Level of Play: It is another important element that helps athletes narrow down their potential college choices. They should undertake a true and honest self evaluation test based on talent and potential.

Only a fair and impartial assessment can help athletes identify their current and potential talent as an athlete.

Geographic Location: Every athlete must know how far they willing to move away from home for a college. Many of you may consider this point as a marginal area of concern, but you’ll surprised to know about the fair share of homesick athletes.

To know the exact answer for this question just ask yourself whether you’re a "home body" or an "explorer." There are youths who can’t wait to shuffle cross country to enjoy their college experience, while others are very content in attending a school that is only a few hours from their home. In both the situation an athlete must know his geographic "comfort level."

Size of School: Knowing the size of school also play an important role in developing a personal inventory. Before you join a college it’s important to know a few things about it. Spend at least some time on each campus to get a general idea about the college environment. Try talking to few students about the college and get their opinion. These steps will help you clear all your doubts and serve as a good reference point.

This personal inventory will help athlete about the basic awareness about the college recruiting quest. Therefore, make sure to collect concrete information. These simple steps will help aspiring athletes to better prepare and to successfully execute their individual plans.