Sports Injuries are considered to be an integral part of any sporting events. You'll hardly find a sports athlete who hasn't got injured while playing sports. These injuries not only results in inconvenience but also in physical pain. There have been times when teams have lost valuable talent because of injuries.

No matter, if you're an amateur or professional player you can suffer a sports injury at any time. sprained ankles are considered to be one of the most common injuries for sports people. It usually happens in running athletes. Various research have shown that basketball players have an increased chance of developing a sprained ankle because of more running on the court. Besides, the increased leaping and jumping on the hard surface also put them tremendous strain on the body.

Another common sports injury is broken bones. These injuries usually happen in sports which involve a lot of collisions such as football. After repeated strikes the bones on the body are known to absorb tremendous amounts of force which can weaken them. The continuous pounding can finally lead to broken bones.

Muscles strains are another common injury in sports, usually for those that involve large amounts of explosive running or jumping. There is not enough things that sports people can do to avoid these types of injuries.

Back strain is another type of sports injury. It is one of the most common sports injuries across all populations. The main reason behind this cause is that almost every sports activity involve spine which finally lead to muscle strain or spasms.

However, most of these sports injuries can be easily treated and require a few days rest. Remain physically fit and strong to avoid an injury. Besides, it's important to know the things to do when such sports injury happen.