If you've attended a major sports event then you must have noticed the sports team mascot. They are though to bring luck to the sports team. At times, people get them confused with the team nicknames – both are quite different. For instance, the sports team of the University of Tennessee are nicknamed as Volunteers but their mascot is a dog named Smokey. To become a mascot for a sports team is considered to be an absolutely thrilling undertaking. However, there are a few things that you'll have to keep in mind to do the job properly. These are some of the basic things that you need to have to become a sports team mascot.

Love for Game & Team

Mascot are known to attract the crowd into the game. This job requires a lot of energy which is possible only if you love the game and the team that you are representing. He is like a true fan who knows exactly when their team will need the most support and adoration from the crowd. This step is only possible if you know the sport and your team inside and out.


Only a sports team mascot with shining personality is considered as successful that will set them apart from the average fan. A mascot should be full of life and energy; to revive the game and grab the attention of the crowd into the game. You'll have to cheer up fans and players during the tough points of the game. You should also posses enough personality and sense of humor to make the game more attractive and interesting.


As a sports team mascot you need to have high stamina to last all season long. Good physical structure is another attribute to become the best sports team mascot. Mascot are also required to have the energy to run, jump, scream and shout for three or four hours depending upon the sports event - and you won't necessarily get the break in between periods because you might have to be out there entertaining the crowd during this time.

So, if you simply love your team and have the athletic ability to match then becoming a sports team mascot is well within your reach.