Paddle ball is a very interesting game that is a one-person toy played with an attached ball and paddle. It is that simple as it sounds. Th players who are playing this game don't require much equipments to play this game! Using a flat paddle with a small rubber ball attached at the center via an elastic string, the player tries to hit the ball with the paddle but he has to make sure that he does so in succession and that too as many times as possible. Only then he will be able to have success in the game. The paddle is usually made from either wood or plastic, although other materials can be used.

Now let us talk something about the elastic string. You don't have to worry about its length or other such things as it can be shortened by pulling it back through the paddle and tying it off. The toy is constantly referenced in the TV show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. See it sounds so funny. Isn't it! The main character is known as 'Blooregard Q. Kazoo' and it seems that he is extremely perfect. That's what he actually claims to do so! But in reality the fact is that through the entire stretch of the series he has yet to hit the ball once with the paddle.

Paddleball is the kind of game that people from all age groups love to play in full spirit. There is a paddle in which a ball is tied by means of an elastic string and the player has to start the game only by hitting the ball. And here are the basics of this game for you: The number of times you can hit the ball without losing a chance (that means in succession) makes you the winner. There is also a varied version of paddleball that are played all over the world, and it is also popular right across America. So it is recommended that you must try playing this game at least once. It's perfect to play with loved ones!

It is called one walled paddleball and on the other hand all those who tale a part in this game are supposed to hit the ball with a paddle into a wall. But the main thing is that the ball has to rebound without touching the floor at any point of time during its travel from the wall to the bat. Again the number of times (I mean to say that “in succession”) you can do this in a successful manner makes you a winner.